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The DeKalb, Illinois farm soybean war of the calculus of residues (soybeans) at Cole Hall.

by admin  

RD-blog-number--137 by Herb Zinser reviews the farm agriculture war in the community of DeKalb, Illinois. Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE battle involving EARTH LANGUAGEs and EARTH SYSTEM EQUATIONs took place at Cole Hall.   Nature  created the  EVENT to… more »

OSHA explains the OSama BIN Laden grain BIN earth language

by admin  

     Rd-blog-number-1230 by Herb Zinser reviews the many  secret languages used by citizens and federal agencies.   Citizens approve of English language manipulation tricks .. consequently problems arise such as the Virginia  TECH English department… more »

The Bowling Green chlorophyll WAR casualty

by admin  

  The photosynthesis continuum and the Bowling Green chlorophyll WAR casualty RD–blog-number-3932 by Herb Zinser reviews the photosynthesis chlorophyll battle in Bowling Green ….. State of Kentucky.   Why is the chlorophyll in plants green… more »

Botany Math Roots

by admin  

From  the Z-papers by Herb Zinser The mathematical-physics properties of  Nature's physical cellulose plants  AND Nature's related SYMBOL MACHINE comprised of English language words and sentences and their their algebra  subset commands, math and… more »

Supersymmetry Physics BT-coils and Botany BT-corn

by admin  

From the Z-papers by Herb Zinser Z-paper-154 Let's look at a super-symmetry situation using information available from Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE processor.   [[image file="2013-09/p-154-1.png" ]] Below,  the quantum raod map to the quantum state od… more »