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Analysis of 4-H Club April 26, 1989

by admin  

RD-blog-number-2538 by Herb Zinser   Analysis of world affairs includes such things as the Base 16  SCIENCE WAR casualty of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) member Matt Anderson ....  Base 16 Hex'FF'  America --> Base 16 Hex"FF' = 255 =… more »

The farm SOLAR energy equation WAR

by admin  

RD-blog-number-2836 The Solar System war to recapture PLANET EARTH has resulted in several major battles. Here, we shall cover the Solar System signal to the farm industry. Nature's signal processing Region of Convergence (ROC)  was  NIL, COLE HALL,… more »

The NIL, Cole Hall, DeKalb, Illinois botany WAR equation and the casualties

by admin  

RD-blog-number-2826 Nature's major botany battle took place in Northern Illinois...which includes the Chicago region. The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008, during which Steven Kazmierczak… more »

Soybeans - the Calculus of Residues

by admin  

Research into the mathematical-properties of  soybeans provides interesting CLUES about the 11-dimensions of String theory physics ..... which is a susbet of  STRING BEANS theory  that is a seeking the BEANS algebra subset ANSWER about  life on EARTH.… more »

The Massey-Ferguson farm tractor WAR

by admin  

The Massey-Ferguson, Missouri tractor WAR casualty RD-blog-number-3922 by Herb Zinser reviews the lastest casualty in the WORLD agriculture wars.  Let's review the year 2014 message from Ferguson,  St.Louis area, Missouiri.    The tragic signaling… more »