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Soybeans - the Calculus of Residues

by admin  

Research into the mathematical-properties of  soybeans provides interesting CLUES about the 11-dimensions of String theory physics ..... which is a susbet of  STRING BEANS theory  that is a seeking the BEANS algebra subset ANSWER about  life on EARTH.

The farm acres equation --> ac + res --> residues.


Other notes  - ->


Wisconsin geo-physics acres equation

The Wisconsin farm accident of Matt Anderson reveals the acres science equation.


Other notes  - -> SYMBOL MACHINE  languages and nitrogen fertilizer concept LINKS

Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family expressions --> social and polictical expressions.

The life of atoms ..... oxygen and the nitrogen 7th Day  Adventist religious studies for the Deaprtment of Energy.




Other notes --> Earth geography computer

Computer Earth system 370 geography  land  and its  geo-computer addressing map used by Nature. A list of some Computer Earth addresses with a brief   description.

Do you live in a restricted address space on the surface of EARTH?

Landau geo-physics FARM WAR news

Landau geo-physics EARTH WAR

The Landau physics and geo-physics VIEW of the EARTH geography land wars.

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