A translation and analysis of BATTLEFIELD EARTH war reports that appear in the newspapers and television

The Sunlight communications continuum VIA photosynthesis to Cornell University

RD-blog-number-2880 The Solar System photon language ---> EARTH and its Climate Elements  --->  to Elements of Style book WAR casualties The English language shootings at grammar schools, high schools, and colleges are well known.  The tragic… more »

The Solar System sunlight photosynthesis CHO battle reports.

Rd-blog-number-3770 by Herb Zinser The Solar System electromagnetic battles to regain control of Planet EARTH are well known.  Newpspaers and televsions stations provide extensive converge of Nature's BOTANY system battles that occur in a a variety of… more »

Herb Zinser describes the SUN photosynthesis WAR of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

   RD-blog-number-2830 Let's get some  ideas about Wisconsin secrets   VIA  science analysis of news events. Syria conflicts ---> Symmetry Physics conflicts in the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family. The periodic atomic table of elements… more »