Earth Languages and their message routing abilities

Rd-blog-number-5039 by Herb Zinser covers the the hidden world of EARTH LANGUAGES and their communications features.   Various theories about these communication systems involve are --> gravity waves interaction with humans, magnetic field… more »

The Earth Euclidean geometry grid lines and their insection node processing points

RD-blog-number-4427 by Herb Zinser looks at living language, geometry life, and its processing abilities.   Take for example, 2 parallel lines in Euclidean geometry.   If the above lines, intersected to form  the letter  ..... X  ... we would have a… more »

Rexnord and Falk iron gear database help explain the EARTH geography surface grid and its ancient Hittite iron language expression FORMATS

 Rd-blog-number-5574 by Herb Zinser reviews the Jeffery Fowle " CITY of IRON" messages from Chongjin, North Korea, Asia.       The Rexnord and Falk iron gear  database help explain the EARTH geography surface grid and its ancient Hittite iron… more »

The EARTH iron core WAR for control of University of Chicago in Hyde Park

     RD-blog-number-4340 by Herb Zinser explains the EARTH iron core battle for control of the EARTH geography GRID IRON region .... known as Hyde Park in Chicago.       The empirical database that provides the CLUES to this periodic atomic table… more »

The Janesville, Wisconsin AND Water100 B100D WAR revealed by 2007 BALAD crash

RD-blog-number-2278 by Herb Zinser     Earth systems on the geography surface of EARTH  are very interesting.  EVENTS that occur in one geography region may explain a tragedy in another geography region,  Super-symmetry physics, parallels, and mirrors… more »