The Earth Euclidean geometry grid lines and their insection node processing points

RD-blog-number-4427 by Herb Zinser looks at living language, geometry life, and its processing abilities.


Take for example, 2 parallel lines in Euclidean geometry.


If the above lines, intersected to form  the letter  ..... X  ... we would have a processing symbol.


The center  point would be the processing machine ...with 4 line segments for input/output.


Now, that concept is used in nerve cell connections and in electronic circuit broads, etc .......  visible examples are shown in textbooks.



Let's look at the Earth grid of lines ...and the secret codes.



At the top..we see the COMPUTER EARTH symbols --->   O E  or  W   --> Order Entry orders West


We see the horizontal line " Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 North  ..... this line LINKS into bio-math human life forms.


If we take 23.5 --> and view it as  23 1/2  ......we have number 23  as half of a PAIR.

What is the  23 PAIR? 





What other lines intersect and provide information.


Northern Illinois University shooting


41° 56′ 3″ N,


88° 46′ 8″ W





The shooting at Cole Hall.


Code --> Northern Illinois, DeKalb --> subset  letters -- No dE  --> Node ... and intersection point.



We know that agent code ....
...... Monica Lewinsky  represents 

...harmonic  sound waves that are involved  in the NOISE shooting at Cole Hall .....
in the State of Ill/sick NOISE  (the geography state of  Ill.i.nois(e).


The adjacent geography  state of Wisconsin

.......................................................sin .....sin waves ...such as EM waves or harmonic sound waves.



Wisconsin geography analysis tells us that EARTH LANGUAGE can 

..........sing ...graph ............. thus we Nature's version of a ............




Lie Detector and Polygraph Tests: Are They Reliable? | Nolo ... › ... › Forensic Evidence

Learn how polygraph and lie detector tests work 




Thus.... Nature's  EARTH LANGUAGE detected  lies, false conclusions, errors in Illi.nois(e) and created the tragic signaling EVENT at the NODE point --> Northern DeKalb.  


Nature's  message system  wanted to emphasize harmonic waves, sound waves, or some type of white noise   ... consequently the Darwinian selection of the Cole Hall  ocean wave class for its messaging abilities.



Now, on the Cole Hall map we have Lucinda Avenue.


Monica Lewinsky worked with Linda Tripp of the Pentagon.Linda Tripp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


2.1 Indictment by the state of Maryland; 2.2 Arrest record controversy .... full day of the Clinton Administration, Linda Tripp was fired from her job in the Pentagon.



Linda Tripp: The Keeper of Secrets -- Her Own

Mar 15, 1998 - t the Pentagon, Linda Tripp's nameplate remains on her basement ... she will be able to return to her house on Cricket Pass in Columbia, Md.



The EARTH LANGUAGE analysis of the above data tells us ....


Linda --> Line data 

Tripp --> Trip /travel /journey   ... pp = parallel processing 


Thus we have information LINES of DATA that travel according to Tesla.

Linds Tripp is Nature's interceptor  agent into the Tesla EARTH  system  and the misuse of that system by many citizens.Non Hertzian Waves - Nikola Tesla - Cosmic Visionary

Nikola Tesla constantly wrote about what he called non-Hertzian waves. ... Moreover, the earth had various terrestrial resonances, which could be "tuned" or ...


Above. we have a CLUE about the levels of the EARTH system hierarchy and its the humanoid GROUP that manipulates it.


Why the Pentagon fired  top secret EARTH agent LINDA TRIPP is a serious problem for the Pentagon ..showing their lack of  awareness  of EARTH mechanisms.



Okay, we have Harmonic wave agent code --> Monica Lewinsky


We have Linda Tripp code  --> traveling lines of data on Nature's  Tesla   EARTH technology.


Linda  is from  the EARTH geography grid code

 --> Maryland --> Ma + ary + land  --> Math array land  .. such as matrix land




Linda Tripp's nameplate remains on her basement ... she will be able to return to her house on Cricket Pass in Columbia, Md.


Columbia, Md.

Col........, Maryland.

Columns   Math array land 


Thus we see a subset message embedded in the above sentence.


Linda Tripp's nameplate remains on her basement ... she will be able to return to her house on Cricket Pass in Columbia, Md. other words 


Line data TRIP report ..... tectonic plate of EARTH  ..... she (Earth geology shell)  able   return (message return sign of the round-trip ..that took some time)  Columbia --> Columns MD = Medical Document on geology communications systems.



What is Plate Tectonics? | Plate Tectonics - LiveScience

Dec 4, 2014 - Plate tectonics is the theory that Earth's outer shell is divided into several plates that glide over the mantle.



Now, the Line data trip  ..... needs 2 points ...a starting point and a receiving point.


Maryland math structure --> Math array land  with colunms of Columbia


Thus the Tesla EARTH language .......  LINDA  message .....  starts in Columbia, Maryland with attributes/ characteristics ...... Column Math array land  -----------> and takes a trip(p)   (pp = parallel processing) to geography regoon identifier code --> Land of Lincoln  (state of Illinois) -->  Land of Lin + col + n --> Land of columns Lines n  --> linear algebra/matrix land (similar symbol properties as Columbia, Maryland)



Thus we see the symbols LINK between  geography regions and their humanoids  ..... Washington, DC Maryland area and Illinois(e) area.

Nature's Nikola Tesla .... EARTH system components

..... the EARTH polygraph ... accuracy line of data  and writing  pen (represented by the Linda Tripp and Pentagon)   

... harmonic waves MODEL for Tesla waves  (MONICA Lewinsky and President CLI instruction .. BALTIC BAL .. Compare Logical Immediate instructions) 



the node --> Northern DeKalb    ...with COLE (Col = Columns LINK to Columbia Maryland)  ocean class (Tesla EARTH wave LINK)   





The next component of this SYSTEM  message  ... is the LINK bewteen  Lucinda Avenue and the Field House (Dats Field house in DeKalb)   AND Lucinda Roy  of the English Department at Virginia TECH.


EARTH LANGUAGE street name -->  Lucinda Avenue ....  a line of cement/concrete of the surface of EARTH


English Language  human name --> Lucinda ..... a line of black ink symbols of the surface of white cellulose ..... an avenue/ a street of word that becomes a sentence ........  in communications theory and its parallels (The TALE of Two Cities).




The Virginia Tech shooting (also known as the Virginia Tech massacre) was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others

in two separate attacks ...... the EARTH .... Lucinda code attacks ..... DeKalb. Illinois and Blacksburg, Virginia.



Lucinda --> Lu = Logical Unit code


Linda Tripp --> word Linda has evolved according to the SYMBOL MACHINE


Linda --> Line data becomes


Lu  Line data --> Logical Unit Line data --> Lu LINDA --> LuLinda 


and then ...  Nature  modified it to


LU Computer code  Line data  ...... 


LUC LINE Data  --> Lucinda ..




Va. Tech Shooter's Tutor Writes Book About Massacre › Metro › Virginia

The Washington Post

Apr 19, 2009 - Two years have passed since Seung-Hui Cho massacred 32 students and faculty members at Virginia Tech.


Lucinda Roy, the English ...

ViaRob - BookReview: No Right to Remain Silent: The ...

Lucinda Roy was chair of the English dept at Virginia Tech before Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people before committing suicide. Roy pulled Cho from his creative ...



Norris Hall shooting keyword --> Hall ... EARTH military message  for the finite subset institution ... Pentagon
--> Halls of Montezuma and Paris Island (Paris = Parallel Information Systems) 

What is the Marines' Hymn? › ... › About the Marine Corps

US Marines

The Marines' Hymn is the most recognizable military hymn and the oldest official song ... "The Halls of Montezuma" refers to the Battle of Chapultepec, during the ...



Thus you have a few pieces to a puzzle about EARTH systems  ..... perhaps, citizens and  Washington, DC  ought study EARTH systems ..........  instead of Hollywood movies, listening to music, watching sports on TV, and  molecular cell biology cell phone conversations with the Carl Jung collective unconscious GROUP MIND
..the hive of nonsense VS the conscious BRAIN version   ....
hive = hi + ve  = Base 16 hexadecimal High-Values = 255 = Hex"FF'.

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