Various atomic articles

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Physics and the atomic nucleus evolution into human society

The evolution of the atomic nucleus and mathematics thought into social science control systems

The Electro.Magnetic theory of life and WAR

The modern bio-physics view of EM human life formats known as EM = EMployees.

The Earth land electron circuit systems explained by Nikola Telsa

Electrical engineer, Nikola Telsa, and the Telsa music group usage of alternating current explain EARTH land electron MOS circuit systems and signs.

Quantum physics and the quantum SYMBOL MACHINE

The INTERNAL atomic nucleus SYMBOL processor and its mapping of signals to EXTERNAL display format via EVENTS on the geography surface of EARTH

The complex math Symbol Machine war strategy

The complex variable Z and atomic English language battle at Norris Hall illustrates the power of the MACHINE predicted by the song --> Welcome to the MACHINE.


The 1s atomic orbital shootings by 1 shooter


Quantum murder VIA symbol commands



Physics and the evolution of society

The periodic atomic table of elements of life and their social engineering projects of human society

Atomic English language explains society

The Enrico Fermi atomic Energy language wars at Virginia TECH and Northern Illinois University

Physics news about Korea

The news about the Earth geography countries of Korea help explain the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family HIERARCHY PROBLEM.

Social chemistry experiments

How chemistry molecules express thoughts and social behavior via human carriers

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