The astrophysics organic chemistryWAR message from Richie's Fast Food in Cincinnati, Ohio

Rd-blog-number-4130 by Herb Zinser reviews the astrophysics war message for Cambridge University WEST ROAD United Kingdom.


The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) message originates in the United States.


The signaling EVENT ......

Man shot in head at Richie's Fast Food Restaurant in West ...

May 27, 2014 -

Cincinnati police

Dathan Hall: Man charged in deadly West End restaurant ...

Aug 8, 2014 - The suspect accused in the shooting death of a man outside of Richie's Fast Food Restaurant in the West End appeared in court Friday ..are investigating a shooting reported Tuesday evening in the Wes

t End.


Man shot in head at Richie's Fast Food Restaurant in ... - WIS


Cincinnati police are investigating a shooting reported Tuesday evening in the West ...
Authorities responded at about 9:40 p.m. to Richie's Fast Food Restaurant ...


Let's look at the  message keywords and numbers


 about 9:40 p.m. to Richie's Fast Food

........ 9:40 p.m. to Richie's   ast

year 1940  ........................astronomy/astrophysics WAR known as World War 2




about 9:40 p.m. to Richie's Fast Food

about 9:40 p.m. to R. ch   ...ast

year 1940    organic chemistry RCH  astronomy    ...EARTH RCH --> EARTH .. the reactive site of organic chemistry molecular continuum war  in the context of  an astronomy/astrophysics military to RECAPTURE control of EARTH. 



Social chemistry .....



Chemical Reactivity - Chemistry

Michigan State University

Most of these reactions occur at special sites of reactivity known as functional ... It is useful to begin a discussion of organic chemical reactions with a review of ..... not be positively charged, are attracted to electron rich species or groups, which ...



RCH  ..... Darwinian  molecular SYMBOL selection of Richie's at the WEST END  ... for the message generating EVENT  and its proper  noun routing codes  --> RCH WEST ..... send to INTELLECTUAL reactive site on WEST ROAD.


Alcohol Reactivity - Chemistry

Michigan State University

Gas phase dehydrogenations of this kind are important in chemical manufacturing, but see little use in ... RCH2–OH + hot Cu RCH=O + H2 ... substituent enhances the reactivity of the ring and favors electrophile attack at ortho and para sites.



 attack at ortho and para sites.

 attack at ortho and para sites.

 attack at ortho and parallel  sites --> West End --> End --> SEND message to West Road astrophysics DAMTP.




RCH  ..... Darwinian  molecular SYMBOL selection of Richie's at the WEST END  ... for the message generating EVENT  and its proper  noun routing codes  --> RCH WEST ..... send to INTELLECTUAL reactive site on WEST ROAD.



The Stephen Hawking Building | Gonville & Caius

Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

... down the line, but it is decidedly apt that the beautiful new building at 5 West Road should be named ... Professor Hawking lived in a Victorian villa on the same site for a number of years, where he raised his ... University of Cambridge logo.


West Road

West Road

West Road

West Road




North American EVENT ..... and message routing requirements 


Man shot in head at Richie's Fast Food Restaurant in West ...

May 27, 2014 -

Cincinnati police





Man shot in head at Richie's Fast Food Restaurant in West ...

Man...........head of department  RCH life forms  Base 16 "HEX 'F" ast --> astronomy/astrophysics in West .



Apparently the University of  Cambridge in Great Britain  has eaten their brains out they did with Margaret  Thatcher.


 Great Britain 

 Great Britain 

 .. eat Br..ain Brain    ... the policy of British education   ...that will not help understand and fix the problem.



Halloween in United Kingdom - Time and Date › ... › Holidays › United Kingdom

Time and Date

Halloween is a holiday annually celebrated on October 31. Some people hold Halloween parties on or around this date, where the hosts and ... Halloween UK.




Hallowed Be Thy Name: In All the Earth | Desiring God

John Piper


Nov 4, 1984 - "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our ...


hollow - Dictionary Definition :

If something is hollow, it is empty on the inside



Hollow be thy name .... thy BRAIN symbol processor should be empty you can be dumb and  arrogant ..and not communicate about the brain bio-computer cannibal subroutines   ...
 as forwarned by David H.Clark ...
subset letter code HC --> Hydrocarbon astrophysics specialist in EARTH  molecule brain  wars





Above code --> circinus --> cir  + cin = us --> application  


--> circle (Region of convergence SYMBOL  O --> Ohio)  Cincinnati USA 





Thus David H.C --> Hydrocarbon social chemistry prediction of  a  cannibal problem   ...

now has EARTH empirical battle casualty data  on the

RCH ... reactive site Carbon Hydrogen.  



The 2nd empirical data signal  

Thus David H.C -->  social chemistry prediction of  a  cannibal problem   ... cannibal --> can --> canfield Drive in ferguson Missouri.Canfield Drive – Site of Mike Brown Shooting – Becomes ...


Nov 26, 2014 - In Ferguson, Missouri, the site on Canfield Drive where robber Michael Brown was shot dead by white police officer Darren Wilson is becoming ...




Gateway Arch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Gateway Arch is a 630-foot-tall (192 m) monument in St. Louis, in the U.S. state of Missouri. It is also 630 feet wide. Clad in stainless steel and built in the ...

‎Catenary - ‎Eero Saarinen - ‎Jefferson National Expansion



Gateway arch --> signal code --> Information logic gate  ...Milky way  ... systems architecture WAR site



Hence, we see the shooting at Canfield Drive is a message about astronomy DEFENSE  project SS433 and the cannibal galaxy attack   ...such as the skirmish in the ST,Louis Area   ...with the arch  ... a symbol of the architecture of Planet Earth  SPACE/TIME CMS systems  ..Content Management Systems which include humans,  communities, countries and their people, and human governments and institutions.




Content management system - Wikipedia, the free ...


A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as ...

‎List of content management - ‎Web Content Management - ‎Document Management

Hannah Graham killed in the organic chemistry continuum 38th Parallel WAR zone

Rd-blog-number-5539 by Herb Zinser reviews  the  information database of the Hannah Graham murder.

Murder of Hannah Graham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Hannah Graham (February 25, 1996 – c. September 13, 2014) was an 18-year-old second-year British American student at the University of Virginia …

  1. University of Virginia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The University of Virginia (UVA or U.Va.), often referred to as simply Virginia, is a public research university in Charlottesville, Virginia. UVA is known for its ...



korea 38th parallel uranium 238 double cross


38.0299° N, 78.4790° W
Charlottesville, Coordinates
Charlottesville, Virginia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Virginia



38.0299° N, 78.4790° W
Charlottesville, Coordinates


38th parallel of humans 
Ch ..Carbon hydrogen Coordinates


 38th parallel of humans to Nature's 

organic chemisty molecular PLATFORM  with


the propane FRAME of REFERENCE 

for  Ch ..Carbon hydrogen molecules and

their social engineering chemistry SYSTEM.

Let's look at another blog post that provides some examples.

RD-blog-number-5526 by Herb Zinser reviews the Hannah Graham murder in the context of the  CH = Carbon-Hydrogen  war zone of CH = CHarlottesville, Virginia.


The SCIENCE WAR message database left by Hannah Graham.....

Her tragic signal ..... 

Murder of Hannah Graham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Hannah Graham (February 25, 1996 – c. September 13, 2014) was an 18-year-old second-year British American student at the University of Virginia who went ...

Disappeared: September 13, 2014

The Science Wars - Cardiff University


In Britain the most aggressive science warrior is biologist, Lewis Wolpert. The best known science wars event


LAKE VIEWS - Page 24 - Google Books Result

Steven Weinberg - 201
3 Peace at Last in the Science Wars The "science wars" of the 1990s were debates ... A Cal Tech chemist, Jay Labinger, and a sociologist atCardiff University, Harry ... "Physics and History" and "The Non-revolution of Thomas Kuhn," both of ...
Thus the SCIENCE WAR casualty of Hannah Graham  ... which will explained a little later in this blog post.
Before that, we must understand that humans  are subsets embedded within the muti-facted dimensions of Nature  with its variety of expression systems.   
One view .. one of of several that we live within the atomic continuum  on the EARTH geography surface.
Thus, in our daily activities ....   we interact with the elements of the periodic atomic table.
The carbon atom is involved in many human interaction activities.
For example at the EARTH LAB site of Cardiff 
Cardiff University
  • Cardiff University is a public research university located in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. The University is composed of three colleges: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Biomedical and Life Sciences; and Physical Sciences and Engineering. Wikipedia
  • Address: Cardiff CF10 3XQ, United Kingdom

The Science Wars - Cardiff University


This page by Harry Collins explains the 'science wars', which began in the early 1990s with attacks by natural scientists or ex-natural scientists who 

Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE language anlaysis tools .....provides some clues about the secrets of code word --> Cardiff
Cardiff --> subset codes --> car + diff --> Carbon atom differential amplifiers  EDUCATIONAL institution

Differential amplifier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


A differential amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier that amplifies the difference between two input voltages but suppresses any voltage common to the two ...

‎Theory - ‎Long-tailed pair - ‎Operational amplifier as ... - ‎Applications
Thus Cardiff University  studies carbon-based human life forms.
For example, we have  ......  C = Carbon atom --> subset code --> Cat  .... the carbon identification code of those Carbon atoms that evolved into the Cat organization of  Humanoid Carbon atoms  known as the Catholic Church.

The Theory of  MOLECULAR Parallel Universes - For Dummies


The multiverse is a theory in which our personnal HUMAN universe is not the only one, 
but states that many EARTHLY universes and expression systems that  exist parallel to each other. 
These distinct universes within 


Ethel Kennedy - Wikipedia,

Ethel Skakel Kennedy (born April 11, 1928) is an American human-rights campaigner and widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was assassinated while ...

‎Rory Kennedy 

Ethyl group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ethyl group (highlighted blue) as part of a molecule, as the ethyl radical, and in the compounds ethanol, bromoethane, ethyl acetate, andethyl methyl ether.

Thus we have examples of Nature's systems and the super-symmetry existential physics MIRRORS that provides partial approximations to other EARTH dimensions of expression and their patterns,formats, and language signs or sounds.




Above, we see Emmet street --> Emmet --> subset codes --> Em + Met -->Electromagnetic metabolism -->
electromagnetic intercation with human  molecule  metabolism  with  copper atomic number Route 29 running thru the CH --> Carbon Hydrogen molecular city of CH = Charlottesville.





Thus the CH region of Charlottesville with human molecule equivalents.


Charlottesville/Albemarle 4-H Club Program - Local Offices

Virginia Cooperative Extension

The Albemarle/Charlottesville 4-H Program offers many exciting activities for kids! ... 4-H Clubs are ways for kids to get together with others who have similar ... are at our Holiday Lake 4-H Center or other 4-H Educational Centers in Virginia.


 4-H Club Program -

 4-H Club Program -

 4-H C   methane agent program   of Nature  -

 4-H C   methane  ag --> agriculture / farmer and their  brain SYMBOL  PROCESSOR



Thus we see the levels of  EXISTENCE and REALITY   ...... with the CH --> Carbon-hydrogen expression platform used by NATURE in the EARTH LAB geography region with LAB identifier noun = CH = Charlottesville. 





Thus the  VIEW of the  virtual  scientist  "MAN on the MOON"   ...looking at EARTH and the CH region of Charlottesville  with humans walking around .... representing electron flow ...... thus a carbon=hydrogen organic media / continuum.



 Now, let's look at some more Margrate Mead atomic social science codes in the news 
...thus we take a second look at --->.

Above.....keywords and numbers..


--> at 12.55 --> at 12 --> atom 12 --> carbon atom 12 


We see that the human representative for Carbon-14  = 14th Dalai Lama


Although it is only speculation, it is possible that she was jogging because right before Shell station, the sidewalk passes through an unpopulated industrial area culminating in passing under an overpass. In the middle of the night, this area could make a pedestrian uncomfortable.
before Shell
before Shell
........e Shell
........electron  Shell station 

Thus we see that the periodic  atomic table elements and their information features  
....  may be taken by Nature and  amplified / enlarged  ..and projected  onto the EARTH geography display surface  .. to make that information and its expression mechanisms (like Hannah Graham)  visible and available for serious, curious researchers.

Theoretical Atomic Physics - Page 4 - Google Books Result

Harald Friedrich - 2006 - ‎Science

As an example of a Hermitian operator

  we look at the projection operator 



Now, let's look at some more examples of  Nature's expression system. 

Let's review ...the Hannah Graham codes -->

Above.....keywords and numbers..


--> at 12.55 --> at 12 --> atom 12 --> carbon atom 12 




Next keywords and numbers ...

At 12:55 am, Hannah is caught on a camera mounted at a Shell ...
.........55 am --> 55 atomic mass --> Fe = Ferrous oxide IRON atomic mass of the EARTH iron core LINK to  the EARTH LANGUAGES of Charlottesville, Virginia

At 12:55 am, Hannah is caught on a camera mounted at a Shell gas station  ...

  • nt explosion may affect supply of gears ... Africa make co 

    Nature's message about iron 55  at 12.55 am --> amino acid code  translates into .... 


    Blood Journal | The Influence of Amino Acids on Iron ...

    by D KROE 

    A series of experiments were devised in Charlottesville  to determine the effect of various amino acids upon the absorption of iron from thegastrointestinal tract. This was done by ...


    Thus the Shell gas station ..... represents  .... from Nature's point ot VIEW  ....   the human body  with a gastrointestinal tract  and  the human mouth with output gases / words ......    is a human gas station.


    Next  translation of data  .... ...

    At 12:55 am (Night), Hannah is caught on a camera mounted at a Shell

    Nature's message about iron 55  at 12.55 am  --> information pointer --> referback to the iron gear battle in Milwaukee.


    • Falk plant explosion may affect supply of gears ... Africa make competing products, though they typically use less durable cast iron as opposed to Falk's steel.


The 2006 Falk Corporation explosion refers to a large and fatal propane gas explosion at the Falk Corporation facility in the industrial Menomonee River Valley ...


2006 Falk Corporation explosion

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 2006 Falk Corporation explosion refers to a large and fatal propane gas explosion at the Falk Corporation facility in the industrial Menomonee River Valley neighborhood ofMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on December 6, 2006.









Human and the Milwaukee gastrointestinal tract (represented by Menomonee Valley)  - Wikipedia, 


The human CITY of MILWUAKEE   gastrointestinal tract, or GI tract, or GIT is an organ system responsible for consuming and digesting foodstuffs, absorbing nutrients, and expelling ... via factories and assembly plants and retail stores


Gastrointestinal tract of the city of Milwaukee- Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Gastrointestinal tract. Illustration of the gastrointestinal tract. Your digestive tract stretches from your mouth to your anus. It includes the organs necessary to ...







A Milwaukee EARTH land geography tract with propane gas  .... 
.therefore a 
 Gastrointestinal tract definition - MedicineNet - Health and ...


Definition of Gastrointestinal tract ... Gastrointestinal tract: The stomach and intestines. Abbreviated ... Tummy Trouble Quiz: Test Your IQ of Digestive Diseases ...





Digestive System | Everything You Need to Know, Including ...

Food passes through a long tube inside the body known as the alimentary canal or the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract).
The alimentary canal is made up

Men  of Menomonee Valley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The valley effectively cuts Milwaukee in half, limiting access to a handful of ... 

Holton's Canal, Menomonee  alimentary canal, South Menomonee 










Gastric Bypass

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery involves the creation of  .....







Gastric Bypass

Gas  tric Bypass

Gas  trick and the Interstate Highway Bypass

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery involves the creation of  .....




Gas leak suspected as cause of blast


Dec 7, 2006 - The cause of the deadly blast at the Falk Corp. remained under ... Employees discovered a propane leak shortly before the explosion rocked




Let's review the situation.

We started with Hannah Graham in year 2015

Her message at  12.55 --> suggests we look at carbon 12 atomic mass AND  ferrous oxide IRON atomic mass 55.85 (rounded to 55 or 56).


She is at a SHELL gas station --> Nature's  atomic English language suggest that this may have  ..... or may not have ..... additional significance.

The ELITE  SUPERIOR thinker will quickly decide ........  it doesn't  have any relative importance .... final answer --> does not have importance.

People like myself will say ....  GEE, I don't know.  I can't think of anything .... at this time  ... that the SHELL   station might be clue to a puzzle.



12.55  .... carbon and organic chemistry  molecules    ... and Nature's molecular continuums and their message mechanics ?????


I can't think of anything ......... wll, maybe some idea will pop up into my consciousness  next week month.  


Gas Station

Gas Station --SHELL   ....... electron shell  .... an INTERNAL electron thought  system would use a SHELL station as an OUTPUT message processing site on the geography surface of EARTH.




Above ......     the INTERNAL carbon family   .... 6 electrons 6 protons 6 neutron   ...if they have THOUGHTS and if they COMMUNICATE   ..... they logically would use the SHELL station (see Below) 
as an output message site  ...
especially one with  the earth address of 600 Preston  (600 implies atomic number 6 of carbon) for that optimization of message recognition.

In addition Preston --> subset letter codes --> Pres  + ton ---> press tons/weight  -->  Nature's communications news press  with EARTH Language (tons of EARTH  geology weight) and the CH ..Carbon/ Hydrogen continuum with CH = Charlottesville







Thus we have the Shell gas station  ....and Nature  trying to send some message about carbon and CH molecules  and Iron 55.85.


Carbon gas  molecules....... 






University of Virginia

University of Virginia

University of Virginia in city of CH ....  molecule CH

University of Virginia

University of Virginia as a subset embedded within Nature's organic chemistry  system


The University of Virginia (UVA or U.Va.), often referred to as simply Virginia, is a public research university in CharlottesvilleVirginia. UVA is known for its historic foundationsstudent-run honor code

and secret societies.


A number of secret societies at the university, most notably theSeven SocietyZ Society, and IMP Society, have operated for decades or centuries, leaving their painted marks on university buildings. Other significant secret societies include Eli Banana,T.I.L.K.A., the Purple Shadows (who commemorate Jefferson's birthday shortly after dawn on the Lawn each April 13), The Sons of Liberty, and the 21 Society. Not all the secret societies keep their membership unknown, but even those who don't hide their identities generally keep most of their good works and activities far from the public eye.


A number of secret societies at the university, most notably the Seven SocietyZ Society,

A number of secret societies at the university, most notably the Seven Society of  4 DNA nitrogenous bases with nitrogen atomic number 7

A number of secret societies at the university, most notably the Z  Society of atomic number Z and atomic social engineering



University of Virginia

University of Virginia



Coordinates38.035°N 78.505°W



Coordinates38 in molecule city CH




Thus Hannah Graham code --> Graham --> subset Gra --> Grammar ...... message about coordinates 38 in the organic moelcule table above.


Propane gas   (Shell gas station  at 12.55 at 600 Preston in city of CH)

12.55 --> pointer to IRON

12 --> pointer to the 12th month which is December

12.55 rounded --> 12.6  --> pointer to December 6 in the Milwaukee EVENT

12.55 --> number 55 ......average mass for IRON ....


Iron»the essentials [WebElements Periodic Table]

The most common ore is haematite (iron oxide, Fe203). Iron is found in other ... Iron atoms have 26 electrons and the shell structure is The ground state ...(Virginia and the IRON Foundary and metal-working  ...... the partnership with the Founding Fathers of the Constitution and their iron Hemoglobin proteins that expressed INTELLECTUAL muscle)


Sasol Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology

G.C. Gerrans, ‎P. Hartmann-Petersen, ‎Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen - 2004 - ‎Physics


iron An element with the symbol Fe; atomic number 26;
Thus EVENT in year 2014 in CHarlottesville .....

Propane gas   (Shell gas station  at 12.55 at 600 Preston in city of CH)

12.55 --> pointer to IRON --> possible pointer to FALK iron gear PROPANE GAS event

12 --> pointer to the 12th month which is December

12.55 rounded --> 12.6  --> pointer to December 6 in the Milwaukee EVENT

12.55 --> number 55 ......average mass for IRON ....atomic number 26 --> number 2 + number 006 --> year 2006


Thus we have the year 2014 EVENT code 12.55 and organic chemistry continuum MAP

that states that the coordinates 38 of CH = Charlottesville  become  C3  H


The year 2014 EVENT  then points back to the year 2006 event (the iron pointer to Falk iron gear in Milwaukee)  and the cause of the explosion (the Charlottesville propane CODE),




Now, let's look at another  EVENT in year 2014 ...that is a  38th parallel (Korea) ..... parallel  LINK to  Hannah Graham at the 38th Paralale 
  1. University of Virginia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The University of Virginia (UVA or U.Va.), often referred to as simply Virginia, is a public research university in Charlottesville, VirginiaUVA is known for its ...

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6 months for Bible in N Korea, local man says worth it

Oct 31, 2014 - Jeffrey Fowle, the Miamisburg man who became the center of an international incident when he left a Bible in North Korea, and who later .. 

6 months for Bible 

6 months for Bible

6 months for C = Carbon agent C = Christ  



Cross-correlation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Jump to Time series analysis - [edit]. In time series analysis, as applied in statistics and signal processing, the cross-correlationbetween two time series ...



Christ - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Christ is a translation of the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Māšîaḥ) and the Syriac ܡܫܝܚܐ (M'shiha), the Messiah, and is used as a title for Jesus in the New Testament.



The CARBON Twelve Tribes of Israel | Jewish Virtual Library

Jewish Virtual Library

The twelve tribes are as follows: Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Benjamin, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Ephraim and Manasseh.

Judah - ‎Manasseh - ‎Ephraim - ‎Reuven 






The carbon continuum MAP  .......






Cross-correlation analysis - NED


Cross-correlation analysis is the tool most commonly used in theanalysis of ... Confidence levels for linear correlation can be found in standard statistical tables).




Jeffrey Fowle, Ohio man detained in North Korea, went to do ...


Nov 1, 2014 - An Ohio man who spent nearly six monthsimprisoned in North Korea for leaving a Bible in a nightclub is home and talking about his ...

Jeffrey Fowle, Ohio  man detained in North Korea, 

Jeffrey Fowle, O = organic  manuscript  detained in North Korea, 


Jeffrey Fowle 

........... Fowl --> Flow of conscious message to .............


Jeff ..... Jefferson  ..... Thomas Jefferson's univeristy  ......  





University of Virginia




University of Virginia



 Its initial Board of Visitors included U.S. Presidents Thomas JeffersonJames Madison, and James Monroe. Monroe was the sitting President of the United States at the time of the founding; Jefferson and Madison were the first two rectors. UVA was established in 1819, with its Academical Village and original coursesof study conceived and designed entirely by Jefferson


Oct 22, 2014 - An American arrested and held for nearly six monthsin North Korea for leaving a Bible at a nightclub returned home on Wednesday to tears of ... 




 Jeffrey Fowle  --> Jeff message


 Jeffrey Fowle  --> Jeff message to coordinate 38  in Charlottesville  .. route message to Thomas Jefferson analysts 

In 1802, while serving as President of the United StatesThomas Jefferson wrote to artist Charles Willson Peale that his concept of the new university would be "on the most extensive and liberal scale that our circumstances would call for and our faculties meet," and that it might even attract talented students from "other states to come, and drink of the cup of knowledge"
that it might even attract talented students from "other states to come
that it might even attract talented students from 
"other states to come 
"other geography states to come
"other STATES  of MIND 
"other states - quantum states  

Quantum state - Wikipedia, 


In quantum physics, quantum state refers to the state of aquantum system. involves superposition of


In layman's term, what is a quantum state? - Quora › ... › Science › Physical Sciences › Physics


A quantum state is a vector that contains all the information about a system. However, generally you can only extract some of that information from the quantum state. This is partly due to the uncertainty principle and mostly just due to the nature of quantummechanics itself.



"other states - 

Scholarly articles for Markov transition states


Markov chain - Wikipedia


Jump to Time-homogeneous Markov chain with a finite state space- If the Markov chain

The Carbon Gravity WAR Message Model of June 6, 1944

RD-blog-number-2383  by Herb Zinser


Normandy landings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operation Neptune began on D-Day (6 June 1944) and ended on 30 June 1944. By this time, the Allies had established a firm foothold in Normandy. Operation ...


World War II Military Situation Maps - Browse by (American Memory ... › ... › Browse CollectionsCollection Home

June 6, 1944 D-Day: Normandy Invasion

s="s">The 6th month (June) 6th Day  -----> gives periodic atomic table military signal  6   --> implies 6 protons and ne = neutrons 6  --> implies carbon atom/ organic chemistry  war of  year 1944. 

If an atom has 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons what is the ... › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScienceChemistry

6 which is Carbon. What atom has 6 protons and neutrons? That would be a Carbon atom. What is an atom that has 6 protons and 6 neutrons? Carbon :) ...

The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression.

One such format are carbon atoms  that become organic molecules.

Some organic molecules evolve into entites named:  humanoid.

Thus we have Nature's organic chemistry  level of government that has  organic molecule DISPLAY devices ...... molecule expressor vehicles ...known as HUMAN.   Thus organic molecule thought  and behavior   becomes visible VIA the  molecular messenger --> human.
Thus the event  of JUNE  6, 1944  was really an organic molecule war   .....  Nature's molecular  computer  system scheduled the event for signal optimization.

We now have one component of Nature's system message --> carbon 6 protons , 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons on June 6.

June 6th -->  6th month 6th day  .....  a message 6 6?

That number is so familiar?


Thus...we begin to see the reasons for the battle of    June 6.

We  have carbon atom based ... organic molecule   humanoids on the EARTH geography surface that live within the  EARTH gravity field. 
The gravity  field flows into the human brain AND interactions with carbon atomic MASS.

The carbon organic HUMANOID structure has an atomic brain.  
The human thoughts are therefore atomic thoughts.
The thoughts of those in June 4 are English language thoughts in the BRAIN English bio-communications channel. 

Problems in the INTERNAL English (language) channel are converted by NATURE  using super-symmetry  into EXTERNAL display format on the EARTH  geography surface region  known  as the English channel.

What night the problem be ... that  Nature perceives. 

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or..

by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or ...

Nature is sending us data signals about brain processes and brain language engineering.

a) the carbon 6  of June 6
b) the gravity interactions signal
c) the English language communications channel 
d) the ocean tides of the salt water English channel remind us of biology DNA nucleotides --> with Nature's symbol code message of D-DAY --> D-Da  y --> DNA Data Y-algebra  chromosomes  LINKED to wave mechanics. 

Thus Nature's has displayed a complex social engineering and brain engineering messages  .. involving the periodic atomic table of bio-physics,  gravity,  nouns and verbs,  wave equations,  and WORLD  WAR 2 ...also named World WAR base 2   and also preceived as  World War double-helix.

The interaction of  all these  components ..suggests ..that the gravity field ....has over thousands of years of evolution   acquired  thoughts from the atomic brain.
After thousands of years of such interaction and learning experiences, the gravity thought fields are now independent INTELLECTUAL symbolic life  forms.

In a similar fashion ...some elements of the periodic  table have acquired a MIND of their own.

In addition, the Earth's iron core VIA the North Pole magnetic field interaction with  human iron red blood  ..... has allowed the EARTH iron core to use the 26 letters of the English alphabet hfor its 26 ferrous oxide IRON build an IRON CORE symbolic machine.

Thus is year 2013 ...we see how Nature's systems have evolved with  humans  ...humans are subsets embedded within the many dimensions and formats of expression of Nature.

Thus we understand Sartre existentialism   in a new light....with the existence of gravity life subroutines ,  atomic computers, etc.

Of course...we are all familiar with the organic molecule writings of  Lewis ( Car --> carbon atom)  Carroll  and his  stories...Alice thru  the Looking GLASS. 

Thus ...the signal G =- universal gravitational constant  HOST system 370 processor for EARTH and its entities.

NASA can explain the gravity shooting in the  Route 66 region  of  ARIZONA  with  gravity messenger  Gabby Giffords.

And Route 66  .... carbon 6 protons and crabon 6 neutrons  in humanoid FORMAT drive motor vehicles down gravity interaction highway.

The organic molecule association –> the John Birch Society

Z-paper-539 by Herb Zinser reviews the organic chemistry continuum and its social chemistry  … human expression DISPLAY devices.



solo - alderman news 1


picture - solomon


The Birch Reduction – Organic Chemistry Portal

Birch Reduction. The Birch Reduction offers access to substituted 1,4-cyclohexadienes.

Mechanism of the
Birch Reduction. The question of why the 1,3-diene is …


In other words …..

The Birch Reduction – Organic Social Chemistry Portal

Birch Reduction. The Birch Reduction offers access to substituted 1,4-cyclohexadienes.

Mechanism of the Birch Red ………………....





carbon atom   5





march chemistry


Below, radical molecules in humanoid  B.F.Skinner skin packing  display  FORMAT   express molecule social engineering thoughts.

math building columbia 1968 student radicals









p-539-8 p-539-9








map pakistan afghan


Pakistan –> subset alphabet letter –> Pa + stan –> Particle Standard model   ..  an EARTH geography surface EXTERNAL display area for the INTERNAL Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family… atomic social science messages.


standard model 18













chem - 97 hasan









picture - chem lab hood 1






From Nature’s EARTH LAB point of view   …   we have Fort (Lab) Hood

Fort  Hood soldier  read


picture - pier



Thus, in year 2014,   we have  some interesting  puzzles ….. puzzles that someone ought try to figure out.

T. W. Graham Solomon WAR reports with Fort Hood

Rd-blog-number-3970 by Herb Zinser reviews  Nature’s  organic chemistry continuum and Nature’s biochemistry molecular structures  …and their formation of a military alliance .. and their military expression action at Fort Hood, Texas  ………… against the INTELLECTUAL ERRORS  and perception errors made by American citizens in violation of  the Constitution of the United States  …that was designed by  Thomas Jefferson and others  …  for humans that have serious thoughts about social engineering systems.

Watching basketball  games, listening to music all day,  and using  a molecular cell biology cell phone to talk trivia  .. does not qualify you as a serious thinker.  Hence, the molecular MILITARY alliance of organic chemistry and biochemistry  …VIA college TEXTBOOKs   …. that  are  now molecular military manuals …. for the view of Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE.



Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo’s suggestions  of  ” 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS”   we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces……. the  2  CHIEF existential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron  automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc.
2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc.

Maps and Territories – Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.



 Thus we understand Charles Dickens ” TALE of 2 Cities”.


Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get mapped to the destination range of physical biology with human activities of the geography surface of EARTH.

mapping domain range



In addition, we need the concept of different levels of perception ….. and the ability of your brain to move  among various levels  …. as an analysis situtation  may require.

abstarction ladder 2 larger


The FORT Hood tragic signaling EVENT          …………..

On November 5, 2009, a mass murder took place at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas.[1] Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others.[2][3] The shooting produced more casualties than any other on an American military base.


Soldier Readiness Processing Center shootings


Soldier Readiness Processing Center shootings


Sol ….   Read      Processing Center shootings


Solomons  Read  molecular photon Processing Center in the human brain 

picture - solomon


At approximately 1:34 p.m. local time, November 5, 2009, Hasan entered his workplace, the Soldier Readiness Processing Center, where personnel receive routine medical treatment immediately prior to and on return from deployment. He was armed with the FN Five-seven pistol, which he had fitted with two Lasermax laser sights: one red, and one green.[19][20] A Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver (an older model) was later found on Hasan’s person, but he did not use it to shoot any of the victims.[15][21]


SymbolismMerriam-Webster Online




the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible 

by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible 
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible 


According to eyewitnesses, Hasan had taken a seat at an empty table  —> an empty symbol table inside the eye/optical nerve and brain SYMBOL PROCESSING area of the Central Nervous System 370 bio-optical-computer

The Washington Post


Nov 7, 2009 – Biography of Nidal Hasan, suspect in shooting at Fort Hood … degree in biochemistry with honors and minors in biology and chemistry.


Virginia Tech


Nov 6, 2009 – According to Virginia Tech records, Nidal Malik Hasan first enrolled at … degree with honors in biochemistry from the College of Agriculture and ..

 honors in biochemistry
 honors in biochemistry
 honors in biochemistry
Thus we see the FORT HOOD event has 2 factors  …..expressed … SOLOMON’s organic chemistry  and  Virginia TECH TECH biochemistry  (via Nature’s Darwinian  selection of Hasan as a qualified biochemistry military expression  agent)
Fort  Hood soldier  read
T.W.Graham SOL –> molecular SOLDIERs .. SOLOMON’s textbook  ….


Organic Chemistry [T. W. Graham Solomons, Craig B. Fryhle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Tenth Edition of Organic Chemistry …


Keywords and their command directions ………

T. W. Graham Solomons

T. W. Graham Solomons

T. W. Graham Sol  –>Soldier Read center


T. W. G –> Texas Western-style Gunfight 

T. W. Graham –> ham –> General  Carter Ham  ..secret identity in the carbon based organic chemistry continuum

general Carter ham

His carbon atom  …… .proper noun identifier –> Carter –> Car + ter –> Carbon tiers / levels of  representation and authority ….


carbon atom   5

Hence, General Carter   Ham  is part of the periodic atomic table expression series  …. the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family   … and he  looks at the INTERNAL electron shell  social policy conflicts and  ..if necessary … transforms  the  electron shell anger  into EXTERNAL bullet shell displays of that electron shell anger.


atom table 6



Now let’s look at another blog POST that explains more T.W. Graham SOLOMON molecular battlefields …and some additional views  …to provide a BIG PICTURE scene  …. for theorists and researchers interested  in Grand Unified Theory (GUT)    and Theory of Everything (TOE) ..which includes you,  your social activities, your daily life  …. or thoughts … EVERYTHING.



And that include EVER + THIN –> Evergreen  pine trees with a thin cellulose tree trunk and the evergreen metabolism battle at the Island of UToya , Norway.


Hannah Graham and T.W. Graham Solomons message


Rd-blog-number-3969 by Herb Zinser  looks at the University of Virginia  and the organic chemistry  continuum  and its molecular social chemistry expression system at  the EARTH LAB campus system  in the CH = Carbon-Hydrogen city of Ch = Charlottesville.


We are interested in the Hannah Graham missing  message..



Disappearance of Hannah Graham - Wikipedia, the free Hannah Graham



Hannah Graham , an 18-year-old college sophomore at the University of Virginia, went missing on September 13, 2014. She was last seen early in the morning …








Organic Chemistry 


T. W. Graham Solomons 


Craig B. Fryhle Organic Chemistry … Solomons /…/04716…

The ….. Edition of Organic Chemistry continues Solomons Fryhle’s tradition of excellence in teaching and preparing students for success in the organic …




Hence, we are interested  in the SYMBOL MACHINE languages and equations  ….. and their message ….  messages contained within the Hannah Graham signaling EVENT.

Let’s look at another blog post …that discusses the Hannah Graham situation and its information systems LINK to the  biochemistry textbook from the University of Wisconsin, Madison … written by Nelson and COX..




Hannah Graham and the UV biochemistry WAR 


RD-blog-number-3967 by Herb Zinser reviews the  college texttbook wars and their signals.


The 1st major education problem signal occurred in TEXAS in year 1963 …

Texas School Book Depository – Wikipedia, the free … Texas _ School_Book _ DepositoryWikipedia
Assassination of John F.   Kennedy   –   [edit]. Main article: Assassination of John F. Kennedy . In 1963 the building was in use as a multi-floor ..

istory of the   Texas School Book Depository   | The Sixth   … www. jfk .org/…/history-of-the- texas -…Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Now housing The Sixth Floor Museum, the   Texas School Book Depository   was … Book   Depository   at the time of the assassination of President John F.   Kennedy .

Texas School Book Depository   – The Sixth Floor Museum   www. jfk .org/…/ texas school-book …Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Hunt, Conover. The Sixth Floor : John F.   Kennedy   and the Memory of a Nation. …. motorcade taken from the   Texas School Book Depository   building. The reel …

The Texas School Book Depository for carbon atomic number 6   and organic chemistry textbooks on hydrocarbons such as plastic, oil, and gasoline.





Herbert Spencer   – Page 100 – Google Books Result
John Arthur Thomson   – 1906
Principles of Biology,   Spencer   admits that he had not sufficiently emphasised the fact of … If life be   correspondence  between   internal   and external   relations, 


.. Herbert Spencer   and the Invention of Modern Life
Mark Francis   – 2007 – ‎Biography & Autobiography
Spencer’s   focus on “organic   correspondence ”   relied on the emphasis given to … of the notion that   internal  changes correspond to   external environmental forces: .

The Relation of   Spencer’s   Evolutionary Theory to Darwin’s…/ Spencer -London.docUniversity of Chicago

Our image of   Herbert Spencer   is that of a bald, dyspeptic bachelor, spending his ….. two part article entitled   “The Factors of   Organic   Evolution ,” the aim of which ….. (17 November 1863), Athenaeum Collection of Spencer’sCorrespondence , MS …

Hence, we have the modern correspondence ..math function mapping …


INTERNAL ..periodic atomic table element carbon  and number 6

EXTERNAL  verision  of the carbon atom building and its thoughts …the EXTERNAL visible display on the EARTH geography surface in Dallas …. the 6 stories of the TEXAS School book building and the  omission from TEXAS  books  of Herberrt Spencer’s  accurate  observation




Hence, we see the mapping from the source domain of the carbon atom and its social chemistry  thoughts and anger ….. amplified …enlarged to destination RANGE …. the EARTH geography display surface and  the large brick building shown above  …in the image of a carbon atom,


Super-symmetry physics MIRRORS explain this process  and how is works in some situations  …such as the OSWALD signal  –> OS/JCL  = Operating Systems ..Job Control Language for human bio-computers…




Now, let’s look at Virginia and its problems.


Virginia Tech shooting   – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Virginia Tech shooting Wikipedia

The   Virginia Tech shooting   was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in … ‎ Seung-Hui Cho   – ‎ Liviu Librescu   – ‎ Kevin Granata   – ‎ Jamie Bishop 

The Virginia TECH explanation printed in newspapers id incomplete ..many factors are omitted in the analysis of the tragic signaling EVENT.

1) April 16 and the reference to base 16 hexadecimal bio-computer systems
2) The April 16 signal about oxygen atomic mass 16 used by the nose.mouth of  talking Virginia TECH humanoids and their English language blabber filled with concepts and logic errors.
3) the omission from the news reports  of the Isaac Asimov 
    CHO equation ….   i




Now, let’s look at University of Virginia  …..


HANNAH GRAHAM   – National Center for   Missing   and … www. missing…National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Both photos shown are of   Hannah . She was last seen on September 13, 2014. Hannah   was last seen wearing a silver sequined crop top with black mesh cut

Disappearance of Hannah Graham  … …….
Disappearance of Hannah Graham
Hannah Graham , an 18-year-old college sophomore at the   University of Virginia , went missing on September 13, 2014. She was last seen early in the morning that day, at the   Downtown Mall   in   Charlottesville, Virginia 




Above the see the Hannah Graham  communication line …. human metabolism signal ……. 37 Celsius   –   Body temperature   chart | F to www.ferinheightto celsius .com/F-to- /doc/ 37 celsius 


Detailed chart for   Celsius   and Fahrenheit
temperature   values in the vicinity   of   37 degrees     Useful for converting   body temperature   measurements.

The Charlottesville   thermodynamics language  code –> vicinity –> symbol combinations and permutations …. the living language letter groups  –>
vic …….  ci + ty  … nity  –>  vice / bedroom parties    …city of silk nity and good times for the VIRGIN subset code of Virginia   …in the STATE of MIND –> VIRGINIA universities and  their   Virgin education  ….. on  social engineering control systems    .. to get married and produce babies  prolong the BABY  in the Babylon region of IRAQ.  …a s American soldiers fight  in the Fertile Crescent for more fertility  and pregnant women.




Hence, we have the Hannah Graham and Nature’s  metabolism WAR signal of 37.0 degrees Celsius  …and the additional bio-chemistry  CLUE.


Search for   Hannah Graham   extends into northern   Nelson …… hannah graham … nelson -county /

Oct 2, 2014 –   The search for missing University of Virginia student   Hannah Graham has been extended   into northern  
Nelson County   based on a new lead.

Search for   Hannah Graham   in   Nelson County   ……/crews-search-for- hannah graham -in-nelson -… WVIR‑TV
T he search for   Hannah Graham   is reaching   Nelson County   Thursday. Police say the second-year University of Virginia student was last seen with Jesse …

The SYMBOL MACHINE  translator  suggests the new lead is …… biochemsitry  professor NELSON  located in the Wisconsin in the geography county of DANE COUNTY ….. which is linked into the quantum state of WISCONSIN managed by the DANE researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute in Europe  …… and their experiment into Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family behavior and atomic thoughts VIA humanoid display  devices in Madison, in DANE County, Wisconsin





David L   Nelson   –   Biochemistry   –
University of   Wisconsin 
www. biochem wis nelson /University of Wisconsin‑Madison


Sep 7, 2011 –   Welcome to the Department of   Biochemistry   at the University of Wisconsin , in Madison. Graduate and Undergraduate programs, courses, …



Above, the DANE COUNTY geography region …… an EARTH LAB area for atomic bio-physics expression system ..using humanoids  ……. hence, starting with atoms and molecules NATURE built  a humanoid structure with an identifier label ….David Nelson.   He in turn ….starting on that atomic bio-physics operating system platform ……. he built/ described the  biochemistry  level of Nature …and so on …. until we go to  Virginia and Nelson County  ….. this we see Nature’s information string ..such as mentioned by string theory physics working on the Theory of Evertything.



Nelson has been mentioned in  the biochemistry WAR news before.r




Thus we see the University of Virginia and its biochemistry and brain engineering ERRORS  and brain bio-computer SYMBOL PROCESSOR errors forced NATURE’s system to remind  the world of  NELSON  biochemistry  war zone …VIA the Hannah Graham Nelson County tragic signaling EVENT.


Hence, we see the textbook WAR message starting with the Kennedy assassination TExas school books in year 1963   ……and over 50 years later  …..year 2014 ..we continue to get textbook SYMBOL CODE messages , etc that are ignored by citizens and college graduates.  WHO cares?


Now, let’s resume to T.W.Graham Solomon organic chemistry signal from the C-H molecule region of CH = Charlottesville.




Hence, we focus on the Isaac Asimov  psychohistory equation of  chemistry symbols  –> H and C.


Charlottesvile  –> C H


HannaH –> H H


GraHam –> H


Combing the symbols  …we have  C  H H H H  or CH4  –> the methane molecule code for female humanoid structures ….. previously categorized  as … women equivalent  to  methane gas …by the brand name identifier


Hence, from Nature’s point of view   …using Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE ….. the organic molecule structures named women  …… since they talk a lot about themselves (me ..myself and I) and a lot of gas carrying English language words   comes out of their mouth   and since they wear Hane System underwear and nylons …… from the organic chemistry  continuum point  of view ….. they are a  human molecular species  equivalent to methane  gas.


Super-symmetry  physics and chemistry MIRRORS   along with an abundace of empirical data from EARTH LAB social chemsitry sites like Charlettesville or Chjicago   …. the data speaks for itself.  Married male researchers have 1st  hand experience   with these EARTH LAB specimens 


There, nature is trying to send some message to human society. What are the social engineering messages we need to figure out.

Organic Chemistry 8th Edition (Eighth Edition by T.W. Graham Solomons and Craig B. Fryhle)


Organic Charlottesville Edition by T.W. Graham Solo ….
agent –> Hannah Graham

..proper  noun sequence …………   Hannah Graham Solomons  algebra subset codes Han Solo …..
hence, the University of Virginia role in the  INTELLECTUAL” Star Wars ……..
played by  ……

Han Solo StarWars .com

www. starwars .com/databank/ han solo


Star Wars

Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. Han Solo , captain of the Millennium Falcon, was one of the great leaders of the Rebel Alliance. He and his co-pilot Chewbacca …

assigned by Nature to  human players
Han –> Hannah
Graham ..the common proper noun LINK  to
Solo –> T.W.Graham Solomons  author
han solo good size
hannah graham good map
Han Solo –title –> Han Solo and the Lost Legacy
chemistry version–> writing Hand of T.W.Graham  Solomons and the Lost legacy
Human version (subset of  the expanded  title above)
–> Hannah Graham  (Solo ….alone .. by herself)   Lost (see step 6 above ..word Lost )   Leg (notice her walking pattern  … her leg message about legacy).
Above coded message  in step 6 –> carbon atomic number 6 –> message words ….
she  texted  ….. saying she was lost  …keyword text ……
there are 2 text manuscripts involved …
1) the STAR WARS book with Han Solo
2) the college textbook on organic chemistry and the extension –> molecular social chemistry
 Thus we  Nature’s  SYMBOL MACHINE   and an information jig-saw puzzle ……. that we need to figure out.
Thus we see LANGUAGE maps …a different levels

Herb Zinser provides some data about Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE comprised of nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideasfound in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo’s suggestions  of  ” 2 CHIEFWORLD  SYSTEMS”  we now perceive Sartre existentialism aspartitioned into 2 or more data spaces……. the  2  CHIEFexistential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc.
2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control systemflowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc.

Maps and Territories -Rijnlandmodel

Languagein Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories 
There is a sense in which we  all live in two worlds.



In addition, Nature’s generated   Hannah Graham communication EVENT  provides a
T.W.Graham Solomons feedback signal to the University of Wisconsin chemistry department in Madison. …with EARTH LANGUAGE geography road map codes for the Zwitterion project and its human  agent  …… .
.T  —>  County Road T
W= West Road  with a information systems LINK to the University of Cambridge, Stephen Hawking and his , West Road ……. that links to the WEST ROAD shopping mall   signal  from Omaha and the West Gate shopping mall signal from Nairobi, Kenya, Africa..


The UW, Madison, Wisconsin signal  was  ………





in Madison we have human  brain electron circuits  ….. known as DA  ..that parallel l copper-wire electron circuits …… . ..hence, the brain engineering software news above



  • Differential amplifier (DA)- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Differential amplifier



    differential amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier that amplifies the difference between two voltages but does not amplify the particular voltages.

  • Differential amplifier - HyperPhysics…/ opamp…


    Georgia State University

    This (Madison) amplifier  (with Nelson and Solomons) uses both inverting
    and non-inverting inputs
     with a gain of one to produce an output equal to the difference between the inputs. It is a special case  …

  • Hence, we see Nature’s  ..textbook  …. information systems architecture WAR  DEMO using humans as molecular display devices. ,




Nature’s  data generating  EVENT in Madison provides empirical data for theorists in  chemistry, biochemistry, social engineering,  etc..




Colleagues Ask Madison …. organic chemsitry continuum …. Alderman To Resign | News… Madison Alderman …/829726…



Jan 5, 2012 – Madison Alderman Brian Solomon is being asked to step down by several colleagues on the Madison Common Council following allegations .


Madison Common Council candidate Brian Solomon 


Jan 19, 2007 – The first candidate to announce for Madison’s

10th aldermanic district was Brian Solomon . A former president of the Monroe-Dudgeon …
Brain Solomon ….and his organic chemistry connections to n the Carl Jung molecular  collective unconsciosness  …………….

Aldehyde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Aldehyde



An aldehyde /ˈældɨhaɪd/ is an organic compound containing a formyl group. The formyl group is a functional group, with the structure R-CHO, consisting of a …

Thus …..Alderman SOLOMON  …an  EARTH LAB political science LAB specimen for ,,





AS an Alderman ...a man representing Madison, Wisconsin  aldehydes ..he is LINKED to  the Isaac Asimov  HYDE Park equation in Chicago… the UC equation …..



UC = the algebra set theory  UNION of Carbon atomic sets (Carl Jung collectives of atoms)  and this is located in the aldehyde region of Hyde Park ..UC = Universe  of carbon agents  –> UC = University of Chicago…








Driving Directions from the West – TheUniversity of Chicago…/west.html


University of Chicago Medical Center

Directions from the west to the University of Chicago medical campus. … (I-90/I- 94)

Stevenson Expressway (I-55) to Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90/I-94) Parking




Thus we have Nature’s organic chemistry continuum  …and the aldehyde group  and its human aldehyde expression group …… with the modern aldehyde HIDE  message ………….


Dr.Jekyll  and Mr.Hyde Park…


Thus you have  a few pieces to a puzzle …that   links  biochemistry ,  organic chemistry, and tragic social signaling EVENTs    …… some process of expression by Nature  that needs more research.


Weare reminded of a concept …. the EARTH fabric of space/time with human subset events embedded within the larger Earth existential fabric




Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy › … › Physics › Relativity

… leads readers through
an elegant, always human, tapestry ofinterlocking themes , …. Thorne ponders on several of the ramificationsblack holes have on our …



Thus we see  Fort Hood , Texas –> T –> T.W. Graham Solomon’s   information string theory NETWORK  with the University of Wisconsin  and University  of Chicago  ….. and Virginia  TECH and the  University  of  Virginia ……….


a reminder from Thomas Jefferson ..


Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello




Plan your visit to see Monticello, the mountaintop home of Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence, …


Monticello – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




Monticello was the primary plantation of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, who, after inheriting quite a large amount of land from his …




Mo ….cell  ..o 

Molecular cell (biology expression) orders regarding human society


The 4th of July – Constitution Facts

The Declaration of Independence. We celebrate American Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year. We think of July 4, 1776, as a day that represents .


July is the 7th month –> Nitrogen atomic number 7 and nitrogenous bases of DNA

4th –> 4 DNA nucleotides and  their Declaration of Independence

page - dna image




Thus we have the Constitution’s authorization the of molecular cell biology  and organic chemistry military  actions at FORT HOOD   ….. and the Pen(tagon) and Washington, DC  ought recognize the existence of the ink pen writing instrument and the associated LAB RD …. that is reflected on the cellulose pages of these serious college science  textbooks.