DNA polymerase Epsilon and WALL street earnings

     Rd-blog-number-4210 by Herb Zinser  reviews the molecular cell biology .. cell WALL financial system ..
known as brain cell l WALL --> WALL Street   .... or better known as the Dow Jones Industrials or the S&P 500.


SEC Enforcement Actions: Insider Trading Cases  ...  brain biochemistry economics


U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Illegal insider trading generally occurs when a security is bought or sold in breach of .... Wall Street Investment Banker - SEC charged Frank "Perk" Hixon Jr. with ...


Let's look at an example ...  a biochemistry agent ..COX.



The biochemistry  ... molecular super-symmetry MIRROR   tells us about the parallel processing agent  COX  who works in the external financial display world.


Thus we see the INTERNAL  agent Cox and the EXTERNAL agent Cox.



§7: THE DATA OF ETHICS (1879) by Herbert Spencer


... in correspondence with external coexistences and sequences; and still more ... said to be the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.


Let's look at another example of molecular financial expression   ... using language systems.

DNA polymerase - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Jump to Polymerases α, δ and ε (Polymerases alpha, delta, and ... - )[edit]. Pol α (alpha), Pol δ (delta), and Pol ε (epsilon) are members of Family B ...


‎DNA polymerase I - ‎DNA polymerase III holoenzyme - ‎Delta - ‎Alpha

Distinct roles of DNA polymerases delta and epsilon at the ...


National Center for Biotechnology Information

by T Fukui - ‎2004 - ‎Cited by 80 - ‎Related articles


DNA polymerases delta and epsilon (Poldelta and Polepsilon) are widely thought to be the major DNA polymerases that function in elongation during DNA ...

DNA polymerase delta, an essential enzyme for DNA ...


National Center for Biotechnology Information

by R Hindges - ‎1997 - ‎Cited by 113 - ‎Related articles

Eukaryotic cells contain at least six different Pols, named alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, and zeta. Among them Pol delta occupies important roles in DNA



Applications of DNA symbol technology and DNA social economic psychology is reflected by the example of ..

DNA pol Delta ...  and the financial perception of WALL Street of Delta Airlines.



Delta Air Lines

Airline company

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is a major American airline, with its headquarters and largest hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Wikipedia



Delta Air Lines Reservations .... biochemistry professors get special get special attention  - Low Cost Flights - Expedia



Find great deals on tickets and receive double points - Delta Air Lines frequent flyer points and Expedia rewards points. Check on Delta Air Lines flight status ...


Below, the DNA pol DELTA  ...  information distribution system using human carriers constructed of DNA



Thus we have  levels of existence  and expression of  DNA pol delta  ..from the original biology hardware version of DNA pol delta as a biological hardware entity only  .. to its  modern extensions and extrapolations. 


Thus we levels ..such as used in copper-wire computer systems.




Thus we see evolution .... physical and symbol /thoughts/ languages and expression formats.. 


The other DNA --> DNA pol epsilon --> code --> epsilon --> eps + silcon --> earnings per share Silcon Valley companies.



Silicon Valley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Jump to Notable companies - See also: Category:Companies based in Silicon Valley ... also home to the high-tech superstore retail chain Fry's Electronics.


‎Silicon Valley (TV series) - ‎Santa Clara Valley - ‎Six Californias - ‎Sand Hill Road

The 10 Silicon Valley Companies You Wish You Worked For ...



Nov 3, 2012 - This Clever Electric Toothbrush Is Like a Bidet for Your Mouth .... Longtime Silicon Valley venture capitalist turned Stanford faculty member and ... Rachleff says these 10 private companies, each with revenue between $20 ...


History - Part 3 (The Rise of Silicon Valley): Stanford University


Stanford University

That garage would later be dubbed "the Birthplace of Silicon Valley." ... formation of many companies that have made Silicon Valley one of the most innovative ...


The Regional Advantage of the Silicon Valley and Its History


San Jose State University

By 1970 Route 128 was the major center of electronics development in the U.S., ... Many of the founders of companies in the Silicon Valley originally came from ...



In other words..  Nature the living EARTH cell and its cell wall surface.  The geography surface of EARTH is a cell wall  and EARTH LANGUAGE application of DNA pol EPSilon --> EPS + Silon --> EPD + SILOCON Valley as the DNA electron  .. thought  OUTPUT location.


Thus we see  the sentence .........

By 1970 Route 128 was the major center of electronics development in the U.S.,



..In other words .... EARTH systems and Nature's DNA pol epsilon and its electron  thinking structure  ....  selected that geography region as an OUTPUT display site  ..   displaying the electron circuit thoughts of  DNA  in copper-wire formats ..such as copper-wire computers, printers, printed circuits, etc. 


In some cases ...DNA pol EPSilon -->  is  DNA polymerase epsilon ..> DNA  poly erase  EPS --> erase the Earnings per Share of a Silicon Valley company. 

Brain aquaporin molecules and their WALL STREET financial expression system and its MISUSE by humanoid water molecule structures.


Rd-blog-number-4467 by Herb Zinser reviews the Carl Jung water molecule collective GROUP MIND and its various economic expressions  ....such as the aqua / water molecule continuum financial activity .....  known as category of: mergers and acquisitions.


Mergers and acquisitions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are both aspects of strategic management, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling, dividing and ...

‎Joint venture - ‎Mannesmann - ‎Valuation - ‎Mergers and acquisitions



Mergers and Acquisitions: Definition | Investopedia



The Main Idea One plus one makes three: this equation is the special alchemy of a merger or an acquisition. The key principle behind buying a company is to ...




Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A) Definition | Investopedia



A merger is a combination of two companies to form a new company, while an acquisition is the purchase of one company by another in which no new company ...



First, let's look at the President Nixon announcement in year 72 ..... 1972 ..... about the water molecule continuum and entities that exist  as subset embedded within Nature's larger continuum.


Watergate scandal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s as a result of the June 17, 1972, break-in at the Democratic ...

‎List of scandals with "-gate" suffix - ‎Watergate complex - ‎Presidency of Richard Nixon



The Watergate Story - The Washington Post


The Washington Post

A June 1972 break-in at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate office complex begins the chain of events that convulsed ...



the Watergate office complex

the Watergate office complex


Symbolism - Merriam-Webster




the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible


Below, the water molecule  office complex with logic gates   ..... molecular cell biology and SYMBOL LIFE and thoughts of molecules







Thus we have humans comprised of water molecules. These humans have thought, they   exchange ideas, they develop streams of consciousness   AND data streams of unconscious or subconscious thoughts ...that exist at various levels.


  1. Stream of consciousness (narrative mode) - Wikipedia, the ...


    In literary criticism, stream of consciousness is a narrative mode, or device, that seeks "to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind.

  2. Stream of Consciousness - Definition and Examples

    grammar.about.com › … › RAS Syndrome - Systrophe

    Stream of consciousness is a narrative technique that gives the impression of a mind at work, jumping from one observation or reflection to the next.







Thus we have various information data flows  ...among groups of people and their MINDS  or  their membership  in  the GROUP MIND.


We financial systems based on the brain cell WALL --> WALL Street Journal newspaper reports on these brain cell expression activities.


News about Insider Trading Wall Street

News about Insider Trading Wall Street

News about  ............Trading  inside the brain cell Wall Street






News about Insider Trading Wall Street

News about Inside  ...... cell  Wall  ..with COX biochemistry 




Publications | Cox Lab | Biochemistry | UW-Madison


University of Wisconsin‑Madison


Feb 20, 2015 - 8: e56558. [PDF]. Nelson, D.L. and Cox, M.M. (2013). Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Sixth Edition (W.H. Freeman Publishers), New York.


Michael M. Cox | Faculty | Biochemistry | UW-Madison


University of Wisconsin‑Madison


Evelyn M. Mercer Professor in Biochemistry B.A., University of Delaware Ph.D., Brandeis University Phone: (608) 262-1181. Email: cox@biochem.wisc.edu ...




The super-symmetry parallel MIRROR of COX biochemistry expression  systems .....


SEC Biography: Chairman Christopher Cox


U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


Christopher Cox was the 28th Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. He was appointed by President Bush on June 2, 2005, and unanimously ...



  1. U.S. Pursues Sweeping Insider-Trading Probe - WSJ

    ... are preparing insider-trading charges that could ensnare consultants, ... The New Age of Insider Information onWall Street. More from the series: THE MOLE: ...



    The mole is a social economic .... chemistry  molecule system based on Avogadro's number.



President N (Nixon)  announced the evolution of Avogadro's number into out daily business lives.


The Mole and Avogadro's Constant - Chemwiki


University of California, Davis


Feb 19, 2015 - One mole of oxygen atoms contains 6.02214179×1023 oxygen atoms. The number 6.02214179×1023 alone is called Avogadro's number (N) and was representedby president N. ...




Now, that we have established the biochemistry BASIS of WALL STREET and the Dow Jones Industrials ,   etc.....   let's look at aquaporin financial activities.




Above, the lipid bilayer  ...gave rise to the lipid expression --> lip + id --> lipper index idea ...  popular with human molecular structures that  engage in financial trading.


Lipper Indexes Definition | Investopedia



A series of indexes that tracks the financial performance of different types of mutual funds. Lipper, which is owned by Reuters, allows investors to benchmark the ...



Lipper Active Indices

www.lipperweb.com › Products › Content


Lipper Active Indices enable you to benchmark portfolios against the funds you ... financial characteristics and the impact they have on portfolio classifications.



Lipper Sector Indices  ..for different biochemistry BRAIN sectors

www.lipperweb.com › Products › Content


Lipper has built the fund industry's most extensive set of performance benchmarks and changed the way the financial industry analyzes mutual fund ...




Thus we have  the aquaporin financial code --> aqua --> information pointer to --> acqua  --> Mergers and aquistions.



  1. Mergers and Acquisitions: Definition | Investopedia


    The Main Idea One plus one makes three: this equation is the special alchemy of a merger or an acquisition. The key principle behind buying a company is to create ...


    Thus the brain cell wall  ....  SYMBOL LIFE ... word trick --> aqua + porin --> aqua + money pores  into the pockets of those  that can THINK at the  Carl Jung molecular collective level of the abstraction  ladder   ....... a level with specific molecular GROUP economic transactions.




    In the case of mergers.. ..we have have  different data streams of consciousness   ...... that merge together into a larger  stream  (which  may or may not be good for Nature's Central Nervous System BRAIN symbol processor projects)



In other mergers and acquisitions ...other molecule factors may come into play.







  1. Proposed Merger Between RJ Reynolds Tobacco Holdings, Inc ...


    Proposed Merger Between RJ Reynolds Tobacco Holdings, Inc. and British American Tobacco p.l.c.



    Thus we have British-American  acetylcholine BUSINESS deal that Nature has questions about.

    The failure to communicate by people in the tobacco state of Virginia ..... creates problems.


    Consequently, the Virginia tobacco ordered the murder of British-American for  neurotransmitter  communications problems.



    Murder of Hannah Graham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




    Hannah Graham (February 25, 1996 – c. September 13, 2014) was an 18-year-old second-year  


    British American student at the University of Virginia who went ...


    Disappeared: September 13, 2014 (aged tobacco code....  ...
    Cause of death:


How Does Nicotine Act - GalaxyGoo


Nicotine acts in the former manner, e.g., by mimicking a naturally occurring ... So, first we will discuss what acetylcholine does and then how nicotine mimics it.



How Does Nicotine Act in the Brain? | NIDA for Teens


National Institute on Drug Abuse

The nicotine molecule is shaped like a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. ... nicotine gets into the brain, it attaches to acetylcholine receptors and mimics the ...



Nicotine mimics which neurotransmitter ?Acetylcholine or dopamine ...


Apr 10, 2013 - Best Answer: Nicotine mimics acetyl-choline but also has an effect on dopamine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter of the nervous system that ...




Above, we have  INTERNAL choline  ............   and the EXTERNAL  message display EVENT at   Virginia TECH with choline representative -->  cho + line --> Mr. Cho + lines of English language sentences   on cellulose paper .... size 8 1/2 by 11.



  1. Virginia Tech shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The Virginia Tech shooting (also known as the Virginia Tech massacre) was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic ...


    1. Seung-Hui Cho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


      Virginia Tech shooting. ... Cho was noted for being good at mathematics and English, ... Approximately one year before the incident at Virginia TechCho also ...





Thus we see various SECRET  university and community ....  SILENT   biochemistry expression systems  .....  from economic and financial systems to   nicotine / acetylcholine  /choline murder systems    ...run by citizen /community neurotransmitter GROUPS ...    for their amusement and entertainment.

Darth Vader explains dermatology / skin economic and financial systems

Book-021 analysis report by Herb Zinser  reviews the STAR WARS  secret codes and outlines that help explain  modern social economic systems.



Let's translate some words.



The 7-11 store codes and Siadem Forte --> Fort --> Fort Hood shooting  over 4 DNA problems at grocery stores.


7-11 --> minus 4 --> missing 4 H Club of America DNA specimen with 4 DNA nitrogenous bases.


The 7-11 battle at Fort Hood  ..........

Fort Hood shootings: Army major Nidal Malik Hasan kills 12 ...


Daily Mail

Nov 9, 2009 - Rampage: Video footage shows Major Nidal Malik Hasan shopping at a 7-11 store just outside Fort Hood, Texas, seven hours before he shot ...





Thus we see the biochemistry economic manipulation system ......


BranD Names  and their marketing language  DNA commands .......

......DNA   commands broadcast via television, radio, and print .



Of course, we are reminded of the marketing wars .. that got transformed into physical violence in Asia.


branD NAMe ............

.........NAM   --> View  tv  names 

.......D NAM ....
..........NAM D


Battle of Nam Dong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Part of the Vietnam War ...
The Battle of Nam Dong took place from July 5-6 1964, when the Viet Cong and PAVN attacked the Nam Dong CIDG camp in an ...




Above, are various well-known factors in Federal Reserve  System  .... symbols tools used to direct people and their thoughts.



--> Cash is dead --> reference to phrase " cash is trash"


Cash Is Trash-Kiplinger


Aug 24, 2009 - The phrase "cash is trash," incidentally, isn't an original. Elaine Garzarelli, who gained fame for predicting the 1987 stock-market crash, coined ...



Where did the phrase “cash is trash” originate?


Feb 18, 2011 - At the time “cash is trash” was rolling off the tongue of just about every ... He believed the phrase was originally coined by one Elaine Garzarelli, ...



--> I don't own Cash any favors  .....with John Cash   music lyrics for the banking system


Johnny Cash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



John R. "Johnny" Cash (February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003) was a singer-songwriter, actor, and author, widely considered one of the most influential ...

‎June Carter Cash - ‎Albums discography - ‎Vivian Liberto - ‎John Carter Cash



Other financial system KEYWORD ... proper  nouns assigned to human agents  ...


Ernie Banks Statistics and History | Baseball-Reference.com



2/20 Cubbies Crib: Morning Marquee: Cubs' to honor Ernie Banks throughout season: In news that was surprising to none of us, the Chicago Cubs announced.



FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Ernie Banks


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent agency created by the U.S. Congress to maintain stability and public confidence in the ...

‎Bank Data & Statistics - ‎Deposit Insurance - ‎Understanding Deposit ... - ‎Call Reports






FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Tyra Banks 


Tyra Banks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Jump to Modeling career - Banks's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover from January 26, 1996 ... When she got the opportunity to model in Europe, she ...

‎Life-Size - ‎The Tyra Banks Show - ‎Korea's Next Top Model - ‎Asia's Next Top Model




Thus you see how small  message codes/ concepts  may be embedded in a larger story like Star Wars.


Now, let's look at the  Vader --> Va + der --> Valentine's & dermatology / skin languages of the bedroom.



Darth Vader  ..the bedroom city of hot skin women and arrogant  men  ..who ought study social science and political science outside their bedroom mentality ....... and their bedroom SECRET 
neurotransmitter language financial systems  ...... subset code .....
..euro ...
..euro doll   ..... euro dollar money system based on  .... some hot doll


Lingerie - Bedroom LINGO tricks and schemes  Kandishop.bedroomkandi.com/Lingerie#!prettyPhoto[inline]/0Lingerie: All Products; Categories; Massagers; Bath, Body, ...

Purple & Black Baby Doll --> Dollars --> euro  dollars  ...

Bedroom Kandi is a trademark of Kandi Koated Entertainment.



LINGERIE - COLLECTIONS - Bedroom Costumes - Lucky Doll …www.luckydollstore.com/bedroom-costumesStore Locations www.luckydollstore.com 1832 Oroquieta St. Sta. Cruz Manila,1003 Philippines



Babydoll Lingerie, Lace Babydoll , Sheer Baby doll , Sexy ...www.spicylingerie.com/babydolls.htmlSpicy Lingerie features a large selection of sexy babydolls, Lingerie Babydolls in a range of colors and styles. Shop our selection of Lace Babydolls, Open Cup ...




Prezzo di Listino € 79,99


Prezzo Scontato € 37,90 --> for humans at 37 degrees Celsius body temperature

37 Celsius - Paris  Parallel information systems .... Body temperature chart | F to Cwww.ferinheighttocelsius.com/F-to-C/doc/37-celsiusDetailed chart for Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature values in the vicinity of 37 degrees C. Useful for converting body temperature measurements.




Currency Calculator (Euro, US Dollar ) - X-Rates

www.x-rates.com/calculator/?from=EUR&to=USDThis Free Currency Exchange Rates Calculator helps you convert any amount from one currency to another.



Currency Calculator (Euro, US Doll ) -seX-Rates

Currency Calculator


(nEUROtransmitter, US Dollar ) - X-Rates



Thus, in year 2015, you have a few clues about the human EYE wars in progress ....  and your probable involvement in them ..... 

as an optical  traitor that will not help explain the situation .




Thus we have the IRS  ..skin tax system.



Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and internal biology systems


Internal Revenue Service

The IRS is the U.S. government agency responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement. Contains downloadable forms, instructions, and agency ...





Internal Revenue Service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the revenue service of the United States



federal      government of


dermatology/skin structures.. The government agency is a bureau of the Department of the ...





American Academy of    Dermatology


American Academy of Dermatology

The American Academy of Dermatology promotes leadership in dermatology and excellence in patient care through education,research,and advocacy.



American Academy of    Dermatology presents


American      Academy      of    Der  


--> The rise of  Darth vaDER



American Dermatological Association, Inc.


American Dermatological Association‑ADA

About the association, membership, meeting information and contacts.



Darth Vader - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Darth Vader (born Anakin Skywalker) is a  character in the Star Wars universe. He appears in the original trilogy as a pivotal figure, as well as the ...

‎David Prowse - ‎Sebastian Shaw (actor) - ‎Norman Bates - ‎Bob Anderson




Darth Vader | StarWars.com


Star Wars

Once a heroic Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force, became a Sith Lord, and led the Empire's eradication of the Jedi Order.






Internal Revenue Service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the revenue service of the United States



federal      government of


dermatology/skin structures.  

 The government agency is a bureau of the Department of the ...



The IRS .....and its  bio-physics foundations



Infrared spectroscopy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Infrared spectroscopy (IRS) is the spectroscopy that deals with the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, that is light with a longer wavelength and lower frequency than visible light. It covers a range of techniques, mostly based on absorption spectroscopy.

‎Infrared spectroscopy - ‎Fourier transform infrared - ‎Near-infrared spectroscopy







Thus we see the tax system that collects money for the dermatology / skin government .. EARTH LAB   indentifier word .... Federal.


federal --> code letters --> Fed  + der  + al


Fed is the past verb tense of eating.


Der refers to  living  dermatology  containers  ..  humanoid packages wrapped in skin ... that need to be fed daily  .... breakfast, lunch, and dinner.




Thus we see .. from Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE  point of view     an interesting puzzle about  human society and its secret economic system languages.




Commissioner     John     Koskinen - Internal Revenue Service


Internal Revenue Service

John Koskinen is the 48th IRS Commissioner. ... Mr. Koskinen also served as Legislative Assistant to New York Mayor John Lindsay and Administrative Assistant ...



Nature's secret agent code -->  Koskinen 

--> Ko + skin + en  

Know  skin  english language 

Great Britain's secret GRAVITY economics system


RD-blog-number-2713 by Herb Zinser

The secrets of G B --> Gravity Base geography country know as G B --> Great Britain are many.
Let's consider the the gravity studies done in GB = Great Britain.

Relativity & Gravitation Group - damtp - University of Cambridge

Dec 10, 2012 – In recent years the group's main effort has been towards the inclusion of quantum effects, and the development of a theory of quantum gravit


Syllabus for PHYS 40771: Gravitation (M) (12/13) (School of Physics ...


The University of Manchester, School of Physics and Astronomy, Undergraduate ... The weakest of all the fundamental forces, gravity has fascinated scientists ...


Workshop: Testing gravity in the next decade


It is therefore timely to review the future of observational gravitational physics in ... In a workshop to be held at the University of Birmingham (UK) on March .


  • King's College London - Dr Jean Alexandre


    Research Group: Theoretical Particle Physics & Cosmology. Office Hours: Monday and ... Spherically symmetric solutions in Covariant Horava-Lifshitz Gravity, ...

  • ="vsc">

    Theoretical Particle Physics & Cosmology - King's College London


    Positions may be made available to the group via funds from King's College London ... matter, astroparticle physics, quantum gravity and theoretical cosmology.


    King's College London - Professor Nick E Mavromatos


    Astro-particle Physics; Quantum Gravity and Dirichlet-Brane Phenomenology; Strings and Conformal Field Theory; Yang-Mills Gauge Theory; Low-dimensional ...


    Relativity & Gravitation Group

    The Relativity & Gravitation Group is part of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, which in turn is part of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Cambridge. The group was founded by Dennis Sciama in 1961, and is currently headed by Professor Stephen Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS.

    It is internationally renowned for a number of important developments in Einstein's classical theory of gravitation, including the no hair and area theorems for black holes and the theorems indicating that singularities would occur both in gravitational collapse and at the beginning of the expansion of the Universe.

    In recent years the group's main effort has been towards the inclusion of quantum effects, and the development of a theory of quantum gravity;



    Human interaction with gravity ...gives

    gravity field anthropolgy relatives  & Gravitation Group social economic activites.


    £6.6 billion in Great Britain's pockets: the effects of an eco economic ...

    Britain could stand to gain £6.6 billion from a burgeoning green economy, says Home Economics, a new Energy Saving Trust report painting the economic ...

     gain £6.6 billion
     gain £6.6 billion
     gain £6.6 billion --> this is the gravity  field amplifier circuit  ......... similar  in concept /  purpose  to radio amplifier gain circuit 

    Amplifier Gain | Electronic Circuits For Beginners


    May 11, 2009 – There are a few different ways to represent amplifier gain. ... when powering a motor, transmitting a radio signal and displaying an image on a screen. ... or circuits used, as well as the topology (configuration) of the amplifier.



    ELECTRONIC AMPLIFIER CIRCUITS Theory and ... - tubebooks.org

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    PETTIT AND MCWHORTER - Electronic Amplifier Circuits. PFEIFFER ... as in a radio receiver, where the objective is to select and amplify the weak signal from the ... logic element or in only a few, but gain is necessary to ensure that the sig- ...

    A variable gain amplifier device comprises a variable gain amplifier circuit which amplifies a difference between an input signal and a feedback signal to output an output signal, a feedback circuit which supplies the feedback signal to the variable gain amplifier circuit, and a controller which controls the variable gain amplifier circuit and the feedback circuit to decrease a cutoff frequency of the feedback circuit according to increase of a gain of the variable gain amplifier circuit or vice versa.

  • Gain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    In electronics, gain is a measure of the ability of a circuit (often an amplifier) to ... a signal from the input to the output, by adding energy to the signal converted from some ... operational amplifiers, but a power gain for radio frequency amplifiers.

  • ="vsc">

    Amplifier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Gain, the ratio between the magnitude of output and input signals; Bandwidth, the ... There are many types of electronic amplifiers, commonly used in radio and ... An operational amplifier is an amplifier circuit with very high open loop gain and ...



    £6.6 billion in Great Britain's pockets: the effects of an eco economic ...

    Britain could stand to gain £6.6 billion from a burgeoning green economy, says Home Economics, a new  scheme  / rackets  has been invented  by  arrogant British intellectual traitors


    UK spending on Iraq hits £6.6bn - FT.com

    Aug 26, 2007 – The conflict in Iraq and efforts to rebuild the country have cost British taxpayers about £6.6bn ($13.3bn), almost a third more than ... However, the total costs remain tiny compared with the hundreds of billions spent by the US.


    UK spent 6.6 billion on new ID's, didnt buy one card reader


    Feb 6, 2009 – The British government has spent 6.6 billion dollars for a new (Gravity identity)  identity card program that is based around biometrics. Like any new ID card ...


    new ( new human Gravity identity)  identity card program --> Newtown, Connecticut gravity brain program for the bio-computers at Sandy Hook Elementary Physics PUPPET school 

    Portugal Government to Inject 6.6b Euros Into Banks: Video ...

    Port  u   gal   G     Inject 6.6b Euros Into Banks: Video 


    Jun 4, 2012 – The Portuguese state will inject more than 6.6 billion euros in Banco Comercial, Banco BPI SA and in Caixa Geral de Depositos SA, the ...


    BRIEF: Portugal to Pump 6.6 Billion Euros Into Three Banks ... - Loans


    Jun 4, 2012 – Source: dpa, Hamburg, Germany (MCT) -- The Portuguese Government will inject 6.6 billion euros (8.27 billion dollars) into three of the ...

    s="s"> Portuguese Government will inject 6.6
     I/O Port Gravity  Government will inject 6.6

    GDP Report Shows Philippines Juggernaut Going Strong | Fox ...


    Jan 31, 2013 – ... Philippines said its 2012 GDP surged 6.6 percent buoyed by growth of ... $25 billion industry accounting for up to 10 percent of the Philippine ...

    GDP surged 6.6 
    GDP surged 6.6 
    GDP --> Gravity Data Processing machine   6.6 

    by growth
    by growth -->by g row  th --> byte gravity row thought --->  gravity thought fields


    GDP 6.6% in '12 - Malaya
    Gravity DP 6.6% in '12 - Malaya

    Feb 1, 2013 – Balisacan said that compared with the latest available data from neighboring ASEAN countries, the Philippines' fourth-quarter GDP growth was ..


    Parliament Agrees On 6.6 Billion-Pound Austerity Budget - All Africa


    Jul 22, 2012 – Juba — The National Legislative Assembly has unanimously agreed on 6.6 billion austerity budget for the year 2012 - 2013. This was arrived at ...


    Bukoba Municipality Gets 6.6 Billion - WB Grant - All Africa


    May 20, 2012 – Bukoba — THE World Bank (WB) has agreed to release a total of 6.6bn/- to the Bukoba Municipal Council for improvement of 10 kms roads ...


  • TATA Steel arranges USD 6.6 billion loan - Report - 286120 - 2

    www.steelguru.com/.../TATA_Steel...billion.../286120.html - India

    Oct 3, 2012 – 286120 - 2012-10-03 - Dow Jones Newswires reported that TATA Steel has arranged a USD 6.6 billion loan from a banking consortium to fund ...

  • ="vsc">

    TATA Steel arranges USD 6.6 billion loan - Report - Silobreaker


    Oct 3, 2012 – TATA Steel arranges USD 6.6 billion loan - Report.


    Thus we have the interaction of gravity with iron atomic mass ..... message from INDIA   to  the IRON LADY team  ..... Cavendish LAB and DAMTP.
    Have they betrayed the IRON LADY?
    What is the status  of  ferrous oxide atomic Prime Minister  Margaret  Thatcher  and her project on Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family?

    Chrysler Chapter 11 reorganization (gravity  /iron automobile .... reorganization of gravity and magnetic  fields ) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The federal government financed the deal with US$ 6.6 billion in financing, paid to the "Old Chrysler", formerly known as Chrysler LLC and currently named Old ...

    federal government financed the deal with US$ 6.6
    federal government financed the deal with US$ 6.6
    federal government financed the deal with US$ 6.6
    Fe = ferrous oxide atom ...periodic atomic table  government  deal with gravity field 

    Once thought lost and now found…$6.6 billion – CNN Security ...


    Oct 26, 2011 – The mystery of $6 billion that seemed to go missing in the early days ...... No one ever remembered transfering 6.6 bilions to Iraq Central Bank?


    The mysteries of universities  and their secret gravity societies .......  world specialists  in manipulation, tricks, cover-ups,  lying to college students,  and deceiving graduate students.
    Citizen/governments approve of  universities that lack of intellectual integrity and the word of honor.

    Thus we see a puzzle  ..that needs to be understood.  Communication theory is a good way  ..... to exchange ideas and build an accurate model of what's  happening.

  • Humphty Dumpty sat on a Wall (Street)

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall (Street)

    and the financial market fall (fall, dump, crash)

    RD-blog-number-4358 by Herb Zinser reviews the Lewis Carroll stories from 1865 and  their influence on brain decisions that involve world affairs. 


    Let's look at another blog post .. that  outlines the Pentagon battle of Humpty Dumpty in Iraq in year 2004.


    Humpty Dumpty has a great Fall --> The Battle of Fallujah, Iraq


    Rd-blog-number-4359 by Herb Zinser reviews INK PEN military expression VIA  the writing instrument defense agency for INK PEN thoughts --> that  is the Pentagon.



    We have the INK PEN, the English language and English literature  ..words and concepts and ideas written / printed on cellulose  paper  in  book   and magazine formats.  
    Hence, the INK PEN ---> INK  creates a THIN line

    A THIN line of  thoughtful words written in INK
    --> THIN +  INK  --> required by the eye/optical nerve .......necessary to
    --> THINK 

    Therefore, the ink PEN .... is the real power behind the .......



    Let's look at an example of SYMBOL conflicts  that get expressed via physical combat.






    Careers at the National Security Agency (NSA)https://www.nsa.gov/careers/United States National Security Agency

    A career at the National Security Agency (NSA) offers the opportunity to work with the best, shape the course of the world, and secure your own future.
    Careers at the National Security Agency (NSA)https://www.nsa.gov/careers/United States National Security Agency

    A career at the National Security Agency (NSA) offers the opportunity to work with the best, shape the course of the world, and secure your own future.

    Do EARTHLY parallel universes really exist? - HowStuffWorksscience.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/.../parallel-universe.htm

    In 1954, a young Princeton University doctoral candidate named Hugh Everett III came up with a radical idea: That there exist parallel universes, exactly like our ...
    Rhyme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/RhymeWikipedia

    The word rhyme can be used in a specific and a general sense. In the specific sense, two words rhyme if their final stressed vowel and all following sounds are identical; two lines of poetry rhyme if their final strong positions are filled with rhyming words. A rhyme in the strict sense is also called a perfect rhyme.



    Ford Pinto car rear end collisions ...........
    ......dp ...........data processing messages from Nature's systems













    Humpty Dumpty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humpty_DumptyWikipedia

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king's horses and all the king's men.
    Couldn't put Humpty together again. 

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall



    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king's horses and all the king's men
    Couldn't put Humpty together again.[1]

    It is a single quatrain, with external rhymes  that follow the pattern of AABB and with a trochaic metre,

    EARTH LANGUAGE poetry   .... the EXTERNAL geography location  to the INTERNAL message that used an output device ... known as a INK PEN .... in modern times  .. the output device is a a computer printer.



    The quatrain  ... best approximation of words ...Bahrain and Qatar region near IRAQ.



    The Nikola Tesla EARTH resonance wave  region for geography poetry.
    The Nikoli Tesal uses the geo-physics math sin waves of the Sinai INK PEN Peninsula

    Bahrain --> subset word --> Brain
    Bahrain ---> subset code rain   --> quat..rain.

    Qatar --> Qat  --> Quat  + rain of Bahrain 







    Thus the EARTH mathematical-physics SIN WAVE mysteries of the SINAI Peninsula conflicts, etc.

    Now, let's look at economics.



    "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,"


    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    All the king's horses and all the king's men
    Couldn't put Humpty together again.



    Wall Street Crash of 1929 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




    The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as Black Tuesday, the Great Crash, ... The initial September decline was thus called the "Babson Break" in the press.





    Circulating cell  wall components   derived from gram ...


    National Center for Biotechnology Information

    by N Laflamme - ‎2001 - ‎Cited by 161 - ‎Related articles

    The present study investigated the effects of circulating bacterial cell wall components on the expression of the gene-encoding TLR2 across

    www.thenakedscientists.com › ... › Cells, Microbes & Viruses
    Jul 25, 2007 - 9 posts - ‎3 authors

    I sometimes wonder about this. The nucleus contains all the DNA and has genes for maintaining the cell, producing enzymes to keep the cell ...
    Below, the Lewis Carroll sketch of a brain cell and the brain cell wall  CONCEPTS and brain English Language.



    Below, the expression --> had a  great fall --> translated into financial REALITY





    The EXTERNAL financial  network of the stock exchanges and their information network  is a super-symmetry approximation MIRROR  ..reflecting  the INTERNAL  information network  shown  below.







    Thus we see year 1929  --> and the additional code of 1929 --> 29 --> atomic number 29 of copper electrons.

    Thus Nature's created event in year 1929 --> code 29 -- >  was about  BRAIN electron thought circuits and their SYMBOL and CONCEPT content.




    Another great FALL of Humpty Dumpty .........


    Black Monday (1987)

    In finance, Black Monday refers to Monday, October 19, 1987, when stock markets around the world crashed, shedding a huge value in a very short time. The crash began in Hong Kong and spread west to Europe, hitting the United States after other markets had already declined by a significant margin. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

    dropped by 508 points 






    2010 Flash Crash


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Man checks blackberry device during the 2010 Flash Crash. Photo taken on May 6th, 2010 at 2:57 pm in midtown Manhattan

    The May 6, 2010 Flash Crash[1] also known as The Crash of 2:45, the 2010 Flash Crash, or simply the Flash Crash, was a United States stock market crash on Thursday May 6, 2010 in which the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged about 1000 points (about 9%) only to recover those losses within minutes.[2] It was the second largest point swing, 1,010.14 points, and the biggest one-day point decline, 998.5 points, on an intraday basis in Dow Jones Industrial Average history




    Thus, in year 2014, we have some pieces to a puzzle.