The Isaac Asimov BOSTON MARATHON equations of Tesla and Tsarnaev

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Isaac Asimov explains Jeffery Fowle and the Zechariah Hole mission

     RD-blog-number-1228 by Herb Zinser reviews the Jeffery Fowle database that was created by his RD trip to North Korea.     Jeffrey Edward Fowle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia Jeffrey Edward… more »

Various articles on the SCIENCE and LANGUAGE WARS

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Isaac Asimov and the Nikola Tesla copper war zone of Route 29 Virginia

Isaac Asimov explains the TESLA  copper war signal of Virginia TECH  messenger  - CHO Rd-blog-number-4443 by Herb Zinser reviews the Isaac Asimov equation DISPLAYED at  the Virginia TECH  signaling EVENT.     Virginia Tech shooting - Wikipedia,… more »

Isasc Asimov and the University of Virginia BEER-Lambert LAW problem

Hannah Graham and the UV Beer-Lambert Law problem   RD-blog-number-3996 by Herb Zinser reviews  the Isaac Asimov  SCIENCE equations that may be involved in the missing Hannah Graham .. University of Virginia student.   Let’s review Isaac Asimov…    … more »